Remembering Carol M. Connor

Remembering Carol M. Connor

We are saddened to announce that Carol Connor our President Elect passed away the morning of May 14, 2020 at her home in California, surrounded by the love of her husband and close family. 

We have been privileged to work with such a dedicated and passionate member of SSSR. Through her service as both Treasurer, Vice President, and President Elect, Carol demonstrated her care for our society and its members. Just this week Carol was helping to resolve the varied and complex issues around the (now rescheduled) annual international conference in California: She was determined that our society should recover and thrive, despite the current challenges.

As one of our leading scholars, Carol’s work has had a significant impact on our field and made a positive difference to the literacy outcomes of countless children. As a friend, colleague, and mentor, Carol has enhanced the lives and careers of the current and next generation of education scientists.

We are only beginning to count the ways that we shall miss her.

Response to Coronavirus

Dear SSSR Members,

Our July 2020 conference in Newport Beach is now about four months away and we know that many of you are making travel arrangements. We are following the evolution of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) very closely. The health and safety of conference participants are primary concerns for all of us as we look ahead to July 2020. We are reaching out frequently to local and national civic and health officials for the best and most current knowledge and advice, and we will continue to do so going forward. As of now, we are planning to hold the conference. If there are travel restrictions for our international colleagues, please know that we will refund your conference fee minus the credit card procession fee.

We will continue to communicate with you as the conference approaches should any changes in local circumstances occur. Please know that, as I said earlier, assuring the well-being of the SSSR community remains our top priority.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to our conference chairs.


Carol Connor,
Penelope Collins
Young Suk Kim

Meet the Candidates for the SSSR Board Member Position

The SSSR Nominations Committee is proud to present to you the following candidates for the SSSR Board Member position.

Nicole Conrad
Professor, Saint Mary’s University

I am a Full Professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. My research combines longitudinal and experimental designs to examine relations between reading and spelling, and how orthographic learning occurs during both. I joined SSSR in 1999 as a graduate student at McMaster University and I have presented my research at all but six conferences since then. I have contributed to the society in numerous ways over the years: I have served on the editorial board of the SSSR journal since 2012 and on the communications committee since 2016. I served as local coordinator for the 2017 conference in Halifax. Since 2018 (and continuing into the 2020 conference) I have jointly organized the early career researchers’ pre-conference, advocating for the inclusion of skill development workshops (e.g., Knowledge Mobilization/Research Impact, Longitudinal Data Modeling) that would appeal to both early and mid-career researchers. I have enjoyed experiencing and contributing to the growth and development of this organization over the years, as I have found my experiences very valuable. As board member, I would like to share my experience to facilitate the future growth and development of the organization, providing a voice for mid-career researchers.


Fiona Kyle
Senior Lecturer, University College London

I am the director of The Literacy and Deafness Development Research Lab (The LADDER Lab) at the Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre (DCAL), UCL, and a visiting associate professor at the Reading Research Centre, University of Stavanger, Norway. My research explores literacy development in deaf and hearing children and how different language experiences and backgrounds (use of spoken language, sign language or cochlear implants) shape literacy outcomes and underlying processes.  My longitudinal studies have demonstrated the important role of speechreading, vocabulary and phonological skills in successful reading.  I am also interested in reading interventions for struggling readers and I have been involved with several adaptations of GraphoGame. I went to my first SSSR conference in 2000 when I was working as a research assistant and I remember being amazed by how friendly and welcoming SSSR was. I became a member of SSSR in 2004 during my doctoral studies and I have been attending regularly since.  Becoming involved with the SSSR preconference in 2018 and taking over as joint organiser in 2019 has given me a wonderful opportunity to meet and mentor the next generation of reading researchers.  SSSR was invaluable for my early career as it facilitated several research collaborations, and it would be an honour to give back to SSSR by becoming a board member and continuing to support early career researchers. In addition to being passionate about open science and replication in reading research, I am keen to help SSSR expand and welcome future reading researchers while maintaining the collegiate feel to SSSR conferences.


Meet the Candidates for the SSSR Board Member Position for Vice President

The SSSR Nominations Committee is proud to present to you the following candidates for the SSSR Board Member (in the role of President) position.


Kate Cain
Professor, Psychology, Lancaster University

I attended the third SSSR conference in 1996 and presented in the single session on reading comprehension development and difficulties. Since then have seen our society grow in its scope, reach, and size. During this time, I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from my varied experiences with SSSR. Through attending the conferences and reading the journal, I’ve been exposed to fresh ideas and different ways of thinking and have developed new productive collaborations and international friendships. I have also sought to aid the development of early career researchers through pre-conference activities and worked to advance our field as a whole in my former role as editor of our journal, Scientific Studies of Reading. I am proud of how our society has developed in recent years; if elected, I would seek to maintain our current activities and benefits for members. For the future, I see exciting opportunities, as well as challenges. Our society has the potential to make a difference by: (a) nurturing the next generation of researchers whilst ensuring fair opportunity and diversity; (b) embracing new priorities in scientific enquiry such as the need for reproducibility and to consider the generalizability of our findings across languages, cultures, and contexts; (c) supporting future generations of readers by informing policy and practice, and (d) enabling new means for members to be actively involved beyond the annual conference. If elected, I would explore ways to ensure that our work and activities are relevant for our diverse membership, as well as the communities that we research.


Nicole Patton-Terry
Olive & Manuel Bordas Professor, Florida State University
Associate Director—Florida Center for Reading Research

I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice President of SSSR. I first became acquainted with SSSR as a graduate student and have attended regularly since 2002.  I became a voting member in 2012 and joined the board as a member of the Publications Committee in 2012.  I have served as chair of that committee since 2014. 

Currently, I am the Bordas Professor of Education in the School of Teacher Education, Associate Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR), and the Deputy Director of the Regional Education Lab—Southeast at Florida State University.  I also serve as the founding Director of The Village—a division within FCRR responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships with diverse community stakeholders to promote reading achievement, school readiness, and school success.  A former special education teacher, my research focuses on young children with and without disabilities who struggle to acquire language and literacy skills, in particular, children of color and children living in poverty. More recently, my attention has shifted to consider contextual factors that may protect, promote, or prevent reading achievement and translational science models that may facilitate the development and use of evidence-based practices in schools. 

SSSR has been my scientific home for nearly two decades, a north star in my development as a scientist, scholar, and colleague.  I remain dedicated to its mission, “to promote the scientific study of reading and to disseminate information about reading and related areas such as language and literacy.”  I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve SSSR in this new capacity.

Early Bird Registration Extended

We have been unable to register people for the conference since last Wednesday due to a technical problem with the company that processes credit card payments for the Society. Since we cannot obtain a firm commitment as to when this company will take us back online, we are changing to another service provider. We are running the tests on the new system now and plan to be back in business shortly - we will announce here and on the listserv when we are accepting payments. We apologize for the inconvenience and will extend early bird registration until April 12 to thank you for your patience.


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