SSSR conference 2023: Save the Date

SSSR conference 2023: Save the Date

The next annual meeting of SSSR will take place from Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 July 2023 at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia. 

Welcome to our new voting members

Welcome to our new voting members

  • Scott Ardoin
  • Gary Bingham
  • Jessica Chan
  • Amy Crosson
  • Dawna Duff 
  • Matt Fields
  • Victoria Henbest 
  • Shelley Gray
  • Li-Jen Kuo 
  • Ioulia Kovelman 
  • Joshua Lawrence
  • Tiffany Peltier
  • Qinli Deng
  • Monique Senechal
  • Adrea Truckenmiller
  • Sanne van der Kliej 
  • Krystal Werfel
  • Jie Zhang


The Five Word Challenge

The Five Word Challenge

What is it?

A non-compulsory game, where delegates try to spot the covert use of five specific words which have been hidden in the talks or posters of presenters.  You can participate both as a spotter of words or as someone who has hidden one of the words in your own talk or poster.  Presenters get kudos for the skill and flair deployed in the skilful deployment of the word in question.


What do I win? 

Spotters: The first validated entry submitted via Qualtrics receives a certificate of achievement and the title of ‘Five Word Challenge Champion’, which they can bask in all year, and include in the achievements section of their CV.

Word Hiders: You can email to be considered for the additional title of ‘Most Skilful Word Smuggler’.  You can also be nominated for this award by others if you are feeling modest.


What are the words?

Gusset; Miasma; Hairy; Inveigle; Fustian


How do I submit my entry?

The Qualtrics link is here:



Spotters must submit their entry via the Qualtrics Link provided.  This can be saved and returned to later.  They must provide details of the presented, talk or poster title, and day that the talk or poster was scheduled, and the word used.
The first entry received by the system will be verified by the conference organisation team, who will watch the presentation to check the claim.
Presenters will be disqualified if the word in question are merely used as example stimuli or thrown into the talk nonsensically.  Beyond that, the method of integration is up to you.
Presenters can elect to include more than one word in their talk if they wish, but Rule 3 must be borne in mind.


Presenters are recommended to include the Five word Challenge Logo on their title page / poster to signal to delegates that they are participating.


Remembering Carol M. Connor

Remembering Carol M. Connor

We are saddened to announce that Carol Connor our President Elect passed away the morning of May 14, 2020 at her home in California, surrounded by the love of her husband and close family. 

We have been privileged to work with such a dedicated and passionate member of SSSR. Through her service as both Treasurer, Vice President, and President Elect, Carol demonstrated her care for our society and its members. Just this week Carol was helping to resolve the varied and complex issues around the (now rescheduled) annual international conference in California: She was determined that our society should recover and thrive, despite the current challenges.

As one of our leading scholars, Carol’s work has had a significant impact on our field and made a positive difference to the literacy outcomes of countless children. As a friend, colleague, and mentor, Carol has enhanced the lives and careers of the current and next generation of education scientists.

We are only beginning to count the ways that we shall miss her.


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