Board Election Results

Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to announce the winner of our election for the role of new Vice President of SSSR. Congratulations to Carol Connor, elected as Vice President. She assumes office in 2018. We are grateful to both Carol and to Elinor Haddad, who was our other candidate and who we hope will consider running again in a future election. We feel so fortunate to have been able to consider both of these colleagues, who are not only great scholars but very generous with their time and energy. Again, many congratulations to Carol!

Best wishes,
Cammie McBride, (immediate) Past President of SSSR (for 2.5 more weeks!)

Poster dimensions for 2017

This message updates the dimensions for the posters at the Halifax meeting.

The maximum usable size of the poster board is:

3 feet tall (91 cm) by 7 feet long (213 cm) 

This is the landscape format typical of North American conference poster boards.




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