CBM maze tasks: Do they reflect comprehension?

CBM maze tasks: Do they reflect comprehension?

First Author: Christine Espin -- Leiden University
Additional authors/chairs: 
Elise Swart; Anne Helder; Arnout Koornneef; Paul van den Broek
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Reading Assessment, Assessment, Comprehension, coherence
Abstract / Summary: 


Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM; Deno, 1985) is a system for monitoring children’s progress in reading. Scores from CBM mazes tasks have been shown to be reliable and valid indicators of reading performance and progress (e.g. Wayman, et al., 2007; Conoyer, et al., 2016); however, questions have been raised about the extent to which these scores reflect reading comprehension versus just decoding and fluency (see for example, Muijselaar et al. 2017). In the present study, we use an inconsistency-paradigm to examine the extent to which maze completion requires reading comprehension.

Participants and Methods.

Two groups of participants (5th/6th grade students and university students) completed a series of CBM maze tasks while their eye-movements were registered. Maze tasks were created using passages from a previous inconsistency-paradigm study (Helder et al., 2016). For each participant, half of the maze passages contained an inconsistency and the other half did not. Passages were counterbalanced across condition, and were presented in a random order to participants. Reading times for the consistent/inconsistent sentences were measured, as were the number of regressions to previous sentences in the text. At the 2018 SSSR conference, we presented the results for the elementary-school participants. In this poster, we will present the results from the University students.

Results and Conclusions

Data analyses are underway. We hypothesize that university participants will demonstrate slower reading times and more regressions in the inconsistent texts than the consistent texts, suggesting that readers build both local and global coherence when completing the maze, and, thus, that comprehension of the text is an important part of completing the CBM maze.