Updating the NAEP Reading Assessment Framework

Updating the NAEP Reading Assessment Framework

First Author: Mark Loveland -- WestEd
Additional authors/chairs: 
P. David Pearson; Cynthia Greenleaf
Keywords: Reading comprehension, Assessment, Reading, Reading Assessment, Reading achievement
Abstract / Summary: 

WestEd is assisting the National Assessment Governing Board in updating the Reading Assessment Framework for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card.

For more than four decades, NAEP has served an invaluable role in tracking the nation’s student achievement across time and content areas. NAEP measures the academic achievement of elementary and secondary students through assessments in reading, mathematics, science, writing, and other subjects. The information collected provides a snapshot of the condition of education in the United States.

Under a contract awarded by the National Assessment Governing Board, WestEd is leading the development of recommendations for updating the NAEP Reading Assessment Framework in 2019-2020. In doing so, WestEd is convening panels of subject-matter experts, practitioners, and members of the general public to develop recommendations for updating each NAEP framework. The final phase of the framework update project gathers public comment on the draft version of the framework. Gathering public input on the Framework draft is essential. As such, framework developers seek feedback from students, parents, families, teachers, and all others with an interest in reading education and assessment. This poster will focus on the review and discussion of the Framework draft by conference participants. Framework developers will be available to answer questions and share feedback with the Framework authors.

The resulting updates to the frameworks will be reflected in the administration of the 2025 Reading NAEP.