Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

The Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award recognizes empirical, theoretical, or scholarly work or collections of works that have served significantly to further the scientific understanding of reading, its processes, its acquisition, or its instruction. The award, which was instituted in 2000, is given every other year. 

Submitt your nomination to the chair of the Awards Committee, Tiffany Hogan (THogan@mghihp.edu)  by June 1, 2024.

Please accompany your nominations for the Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award with a 500-word rationale summarising the nominee's distinctive and sustained contribution to the science of reading and its applications. Please also include the nominee's top ten citations (which may include articles, chapters, books, software), and a CV. Nominations should be supported by a nominator and two seconders, and at least one of the three supporters should be voting members of the Society. Recommendations for nominations can be resubmitted next time.

2022 Award winner: 
2020 Award winner: Mark Seidenberg
2018 Award winner: Charles Hulme
2016 Award winner: Joanna P. Williams
2014 Award winner: Rebecca Treiman
2012 Award winners:  Richard Wagner and Joseph Torgesen
2010 Award winner:  Maggie Snowling
2008 Award winner:  Hollis Scarborough
2006 Award winner:  Richard K. Olson
2004 Award winner:  Charles A. Perfetti
2002 Award winner:  Linnea Ehri
2000 Award winner:  Keith Stanovich