SSSR Officers

Click on each name to learn more about SSSR elected officers and appointed board members. 

Elected Officers

Appointed Board Members

Publications Committee

  • Chair: Nicole Patton-Terry
  • Member: Hope Gerde
  • Member: Fiona Kyle
  • Member: Shelley Tung
  • Member: Michelle Neuman
  • Member: Gary Bingham
  • Member: Jessica Toste

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Rob Savage
  • Member: Maureen Lovett
  • Member: Rebecca Treiman
  • Member: Becky Xi Chen
  • Member: Elinor Haddad 

Awards Committee

  • Chair: Rebecca Treiman & Tiffany Hogan 
  • Member: Nicole Landi 
  • Member: Jessie Ricketts
  • Member: Rebecca Treiman
  • Member: Joanna Williams
  • Member: Sara Hart