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Volume 21, Issue 5, 2017 

Use of Contextual Information and Prediction by Struggling Adult Readers: Evidence From Reading Times and Event-Related Potentials
Shukhan Ng, Brennan R. Payne, Allison A. Steen, Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow & Kara D. Federmeier

The Relation Between Global and Specific Mindset With Reading Outcomes for Elementary School Students
Yaacov Petscher, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Jeanne Wanzek, Brenna Rivas & Francesca Jones

Training Mispronunciation Correction and Word Meanings Improves Children’s Ability to Learn to Read Words
Hannah Dyson, Wendy Best, Jonathan Solity & Charles Hulme

Reading Intervention for Poor Readers at the Transition to Secondary School
Paula J. Clarke , Shirley-Anne S. Paul , Glynnis Smith, Margaret J. Snowling & Charles Hulme

Early Indicators of Later English Reading Comprehension Outcomes Among Children From Spanish-Speaking Homes
Jeannette Mancilla-Martinez & Nonie K. Lesaux

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