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Volume 23, Issue 3, 2019

The Role of Linguistic Diversity in the Prediction of Early Reading Comprehension: A Quantile Regression Approach
Liza J. van den Bosch, Eliane Segers & Ludo Verhoeven

Phonological Awareness and Rapid Automatized Naming as Longitudinal Predictors of Reading in Five Alphabetic Orthographies with Varying Degrees of Consistency
Karin Landerl, H. Harald Freudenthaler, Moritz Heene, Peter F. De Jong, Alain Desrochers, George Manolitsis, Rauno Parrila & George K. Georgiou

Quantity and Diversity of Preliteracy Language Exposure Both Affect Literacy Development: Evidence from a Computational Model of Reading
Ya-Ning Chang & Padraic Monaghan

Causal Attribution Profiles as a Function of Reading Skills, Hyperactivity, and Inattention
Kimberley C. Tsujimoto, Richard Boada, Stephanie Gottwald, Dina Hill, Lisa A. Jacobson, Maureen
Lovett, E. Mark Mahone, Erik Willcutt, Maryanne Wolf, Joan Bosson-Heenan, Jeffrey R. Gruen & Jan C. Frijters

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