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Volume 23, Issue 6, 2019

The Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation and Reading Comprehension: Mediating Effects of Reading Amount and Metacognitive Knowledge of Strategy Use
Ai Miyamoto, Maximilian Pfost & Cordula Artelt

Protective Factors and Compensation in Resolving Dyslexia
Sietske van Viersen, Elise H. de Bree & Peter F. de Jong

Investigating the Double-Deficit Hypothesis in More and Less Transparent Orthographies: A Longitudinal Study from Preschool to Grade 2
Bjarte Furnes, Åsa Elwér, Stefan Samuelsson, Richard K. Olson & Brian Byrne

Spelling, Reading Abilities and Speech Perception in Deaf Children with a Cochlear Implant
Marie Simon, Lauren A. Fromont, Marie-Thérèse Le Normand & Jacqueline Leybaert

Gender Cue Effects in Children’s Pronoun Processing: A Longitudinal Eye Tracking Study
Sarah Eilers, Simon P. Tiffin-Richards & Sascha Schroeder

The Role of Set for Variability in Irregular Word Reading: Word and Child Predictors in Typically Developing Readers and Students At-Risk for Reading Disabilities
Laura M. Steacy, Lesly Wade-Woolley, Jay G. Rueckl, Kenneth R. Pugh, James D. Elliott & Donald L. Compton

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