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Volume 25, Issue 5, 2021

Preschool Children’s Knowledge of Letter Patterns in Print
Lan Zhang & Rebecca Treiman

Cross Linguistic Transfer of Literacy Skills between English and French among Grade 1 Students Attending French Immersion Programs
Marie-France Côté, Robert Savage & Yaacov Petscher

In Search of Cognitive Promotive and Protective Factors for Word Reading
Rebecca F. Slomowitz, Angela J. Narayan, Bruce F. Pennington, Richard K. Olson, John C. DeFries, Erik G. Willcutt & Lauren M. McGrath

Using Eye Movements to Study the Reading of Subtitles in Video
Sixin Liao, Lili Yu, Erik D. Reichle & Jan-Louis Kruger

Sustained Attention and Behavioral Ratings of Attention in Struggling Readers
Kelly T. Macdonald, Marcia A. Barnes, Jeremy Miciak, Greg Roberts, Kelly K. Halverson, Sharon Vaughn & Paul T. Cirino

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