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Volume 27, Issue 3, 2023


Perspective taking and language features in secondary students’ text-based analytical writing
Minkyung Cho, Young-Suk Grace Kim & Jiali Wang

The Unique Predictive Value of Dynamic Assessment of Character Decoding in Reading Development of Chinese Children from Grades 1 to 2
Yan Gan, Jie Zhang, Lana Kharabi-Yamato, Yongqiang Su, Jiawen Zhang, Yueyao Jiang, Yi Hui & Hong Li

Online Assessment of Parafoveal Morphological Processing/Awareness during Reading among Chinese and Korean Adults
Jinger Pan, Aiping Wang, Catherine McBride, Jeung-Ryeul Cho & Ming Yan

A Meta-analysis of Morphological Awareness Deficits in Developmental Dyslexia
George K. Georgiou, Ana Paula Alves Vieira, Kyriakoula M. Rothou, John R. Kirby, Andrea Antoniuk, Dalia Martinez & Kan Guo

Modeling the Effects of Oral Language Skills on Early Reading Development in an Orthographically Consistent Language
Apostolos Kargiotidis, Angeliki Mouzaki, Eleni Kagiampaki, Georgios Marinakis, Anna Maria Vervelaki, Nantia Boufachrentin & George Manolitsis

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