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Volume 26, Issue 5, 2022

The Contributions of Letter Features to Arabic Letter Knowledge for Arabic-Speaking Kindergartners
Sana Tibi, Ashley A. Edwards, Young-Suk Grace Kim, Christopher Schatschneider & Sami Boudelaa

Word Properties Predicting Children’s Word Recognition
Iris Monster, Agnes Tellings, William J. Burk, Jos Keuning, Eliane Segers & Ludo Verhoeven

Plausibility and Syntactic Reanalysis in Processing Novel Noun-noun Combinations During Chinese Reading: Evidence From Native and Non-native Speakers
Panpan Yao, Reem Alkhammash & Xingshan Li

Using Eye Movements to Investigate the Impact of Childhood and Recent Frequency of Occurrence on Word Identification During Reading in College
Barbara J. Juhasz

Children Processing Novel Irregular and Regular Words During Reading: An Eye Tracking Study
Lyndall Murray, Signy Wegener, Hua-Chen Wang, Rauno Parrila & Anne Castles

The Word Length Effect on Text Reading Via the Braille Code
Vassilios Papadimitriou & Vassilios Argyropoulos

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