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Volume 24, Issue 6, 2020

The Curious Role of Morphological Family Size in Language Minority Learners’ Problem Solving of Unfamiliar Words
Amy C. Crosson , Pui-Wa Lei , Weiyi Cheng & Margaret G. McKeown

Readers Recruit Executive Functions to Self-Correct Miscues during Oral Reading Fluency
Tin Q Nguyen , Stephanie N Del Tufo & Laurie E. Cutting

Morphological Priming in Children: Disentangling the Effects of School-grade and Reading Skill
Jana Hasenäcker , Elisabeth Beyersmann & Sascha Schroeder

Morphological Processing across Modalities and Languages
Elisabeth Beyersmann , Petroula Mousikou , Ludivine Javourey-Drevet , Sascha Schroeder , Johannes C. Ziegler & Jonathan Grainger

The Perceptual Span and Individual Differences among Chinese Children
Ming Yan , Hong Li , Yongqiang Su , Yuqing Cao & Jinger Pan

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