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Volume 22, Issue 5, 2018

Augmenting the Simple View of Reading for Struggling Adult Readers: A Unique Role for Background Knowledge
Amani Talwar, Elizabeth L. Tighe & Daphne Greenberg

Does Online Comprehension Monitoring Make a Unique Contribution to Reading Comprehension in Beginning Readers? Evidence from eye movements
Young-Suk Grace Kim, Christian Vorstius & Ralph Radach

The Role of Orthographic and Semantic Learning in Word Reading and Reading Comprehension
Catherine Mimeau, Jessie Ricketts & S. Hélène Deacon

Phonology, Orthography, and Decoding Skills Within and Across English and Chinese
Congying Sun, Lee Branum-Martin, Peng Peng & Sha Tao

Instruction Matters to the Development of Phoneme Awareness and Its Relationship to Akshara Knowledge and Word Reading: Evidence from Sinhala
Marasinghe A. D. K. Wijaythilake, Rauno Parrila, Tomohiro Inoue & Sonali Nag

Stability of Visual Attention Span Performance and Its Relation With Reading Over Time

Madelon van den Boer & Peter F. de Jong

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