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Volume 22, Issue 3, 2018

Statistical and Cooperative Learning in Reading: An Artificial Orthography Learning Study
Jingjing Zhao, Tong Li, Mark A. Elliott & Jay G. Rueckl

Reader, Word, and Character Attributes Contributing to Chinese Children’s Concept of Word
Jing Chen, Tzu-Jung Lin, Yu-Min Ku, Jie Zhang & Ann O’Connell

Preventative Reading Interventions Teaching Direct Mapping of Graphemes in Texts and Set-for-Variability Aid At-Risk Learners
Robert Savage, George Georgiou, Rauno Parrila & Kristina Maiorino

Word Reading Fluency as a Serial Naming Task
Athanassios Protopapas, Katerina Katopodi, Angeliki Altani & George K. Georgiou

Reading Orthographically Strange Nonwords: Modelling Backup Strategies in Reading
Conrad Perry

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