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Volume 23, Issue 1, 2019

The Role of Statistical Learning in Word Reading and Spelling Development

The Role of Statistical Learning in Word Reading and Spelling Development: More Questions Than Answers
Amy M. Elleman, Laura M. Steacy & Donald L. Compton

Reading and the Neurocognitive Bases of Statistical Learning
Oliver M. Sawi & Jay Rueckl

Spelling Errors Impede Recognition of Correctly Spelled Word Forms
Sadaf Rahmanian & Victor Kuperman

Evidence of Statistical Learning of Orthographic Representations in Grades 1–5: The Case of Silent Letters and Double Consonants in French
Maxime Gingras & Monique Sénéchal

Development and Prediction of Context-Dependent Vowel Pronunciation in Elementary Readers
Laura M. Steacy, Donald L. Compton, Yaacov Petscher, James D. Elliott, Kathryn Smith, Jay G. Rueckl, Oliver Sawi, Stephen J. Frost & Kenneth R. Pugh

Is Statistical Learning Ability Related to Reading Ability, and If So, Why?
Xenia Schmalz, Kristina Moll, Claudio Mulatti & Gerd Schulte-Körne

Sequential Implicit Learning Ability Predicts Growth in Reading Skills in Typical Readers and Children with Dyslexia
Sanne W. van der Kleij, Margriet A. Groen, Eliane Segers & Ludo Verhoeven

Common Neural Basis of Motor Sequence Learning and Word Recognition and Its Relation With Individual Differences in Reading Skill
Yi-Hui Hung, Stephen J. Frost, Peter Molfese, Jeffrey G. Malins, Nicole Landi, W. Einar Mencl, Jay G. Rueckl, Louisa Bogaerts & Kenneth R. Pugh

Hearing Matters More Than Seeing: A Cross-Modality Study of Statistical Learning and Reading Ability
Zhenghan Qi, Yoel Sanchez Araujo, Wendy C. Georgan, John D. E. Gabrieli & Joanne Arciuli

Statistical Learning of Speech Sounds in Dyslexic and Typical Reading Children
Maaike Vandermosten, Jan Wouters, Pol Ghesquière & Narly Golestani

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