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Volume 20, Issue 5, 2016 

Measures of Kindergarten Spelling and Their Relations to Later Spelling Performance
Rebecca Treiman, Brett Kessler, Tatiana Cury Pollo, Brian Byrne & Richard K. Olson

N170 Tuning in Chinese: Logographic Characters and Phonetic Pinyin Script
Rui Qin, Natasha Maurits & Ben Maassen

Adolescent Weak Decoders Writing in a Shallow Orthography: Process and Product
Mark Torrance, Vibeke Rønneberg, Christer Johansson & Per Henning Uppstad

Cognate Awareness in French Immersion Students: Contributions to Grade 2 Reading Comprehension
Kathleen Hipfner-Boucher, Adrian Pasquarella, Xi Chen & S. Hélène Deacon

The Home Literacy Environment as a Predictor of the Early Literacy Development of Children at Family-Risk of Dyslexia
Lorna G. Hamilton, Marianna E. Hayiou-Thomas, Charles Hulme & Margaret J. Snowling

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