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Volume 21, Issue 6, 2017 

The Role of Morphological Awareness in Word Reading Skills in Japanese: A Within-Language Cross-Orthographic Perspective
Naoko Muroya, Tomohiro Inoue, Miyuki Hosokawa, George K. Georgiou, Hisao Maekawa & Rauno Parrila

Neural Correlates of Coherence-Break Detection During Reading of Narratives
Anne Helder, Paul van den Broek, Josefine Karlsson & Linda Van Leijenhorst

Children’s Visual Scanning of Textual Documents: Effects of Document Organization, Search Goals, and Metatextual Knowledge
Anna Potocki, Christine Ros, Nicolas Vibert & Jean-François Rouet

The Home Literacy Environment Is a Correlate, but Perhaps Not a Cause, of Variations in Children’s Language and Literacy Development
Marina L. Puglisi, Charles Hulme, Lorna G. Hamilton & Margaret J. Snowling

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