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Volume 26, Issue 6, 2022

Testing the Effects of GraphoGame Against a Computer-Assisted Math Intervention in Primary School
Julie Lassault, Liliane Sprenger-Charolles, Jean-Patrice Albrand, Edouard Alavoine, Ulla Richardson, Heikki Lyytinen & Johannes C. Ziegler

Reading Impairment in Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Nadine M. Lindinger, Sandra W. Jacobson, Landi Davidson, Simone Conradie, Neil C. Dodge, Christopher D. Molteno, Ernesta M. Meintjes, Nadine Gaab & Joseph L. Jacobson

Even in predictable orthographies: Surface dyslexia in Turkish
Selçuk Güven & Naama Friedmann

From Bibliophile to Sesquipedalian: Modeling the Role of Reading Experience in Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
Sanne W. van der Kleij, Adrian P. Burgess, Jessie Ricketts & Laura R. Shapiro

Modeling Complex Word Reading: Examining Influences at the Level of the Word and Child on Mono- and Polymorphemic Word Reading
Laura M. Steacy, Valeria M. Rigobon, Ashley A. Edwards, Daniel R. Abes, Nancy C. Marencin, Kathryn Smith, James D. Elliott, Lesly Wade-Woolley & Donald L. Compton

Teaching Children to Read Irregular Words: A Comparison of Three Instructional Methods
Danielle Colenbrander, Saskia Kohnen, Elisabeth Beyersmann, Serje Robidoux, Signy Wegener, Tara Arrow, Kate Nation & Anne Castles

What’s the Difference? Contributions of Lexical Ambiguity, Reading Comprehension, and Executive Functions to Math Word Problem Solving in Linguistically Diverse 3rd to 5th Graders
Kelly B. Cartwright, Ana Taboada Barber & Casey J. Archer

Simple view of second language reading: A meta-analytic structural equation modeling approach
Hansol Lee, Geryong Jung & Jang Ho Lee

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