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Volume 22, Issue 2, 2018

The Dimensionality of Inference Making: Are Local and Global Inferences Distinguishable?
Language and Reading Research Consortium (LARRC) & Marloes M. L. Muijselaar

Automatic Activation of Sounds by Letters Occurs Early in Development but is not Impaired in Children With Dyslexia
Francina J. Clayton & Charles Hulme

Text Comprehension and Oral Language as Predictors of Word-Problem Solving: Insights into Word-Problem Solving as a Form of Text Comprehension
Lynn S. Fuchs, Jennifer K. Gilbert, Douglas Fuchs, Pamela M. Seethaler & BrittanyLee N. Martin

Examining the Etiology of Reading Disability as Conceptualized by the Hybrid Model
Florina Erbeli, Sara A. Hart, Richard K. Wagner & Jeanette Taylor

Does the Visual Attention Span Play a Role in Reading in Arabic?
Marie Lallier, Reem Abu Mallouh, Ahmed M. Mohammed, Batoul Khalifa, Manuel Perea & Manuel Carreiras

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