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Volume 25, Issue 3, 2021

The Deployment of Young Readers´ Visual Attention across Orthographic Strings: The Influence of Stems and Suffixes
Alexia Antzaka, Joana Acha, Manuel Carreiras & Marie Lallier

Processing and Memory of Central and Peripheral Ideas in Reading Comprehension by Poor Comprehenders
Menahem Yeari & Noa Lev

Eye Movements of Developing Chinese Readers: Effects of Word Frequency and Predictability
Nina Liu, Xia Wang, Guoli Yan, Kevin B Paterson & Ascensión Pagán

Effects of Character and Word Contextual Diversity in Chinese Beginning Readers
Xin Huang, Dan Lin, Yiming Yang, Yuhang Xu, Qingrong Chen & Michael K. Tanenhaus

Connected Phonation is More Effective than Segmented Phonation for Teaching Beginning Readers to Decode Unfamiliar Words
Selenid M. Gonzalez-Frey & Linnea C. Ehri

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