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Volume 25, Issue 6, 2021

Letter Features as Predictors of Letter-Name Acquisition in Four Languages with Three Scripts
Young-Suk Grace Kim, Yaacov Petscher, Rebecca Treiman & Benjamin Kelcey

Individual Differences Modulate the Effects of tDCS on Reading in Children and Adolescents with Dyslexia
Giulia Lazzaro, Floriana Costanzo, Cristiana Varuzza, Serena Rossi, Maria Elena De Matteis, Stefano Vicari & Deny Menghini

Probing Phonological Processing Differences in Nonword Repetition for Children with Separate or Co-Occurring Dyslexia and Developmental Language Disorder
Anna M. Ehrhorn, Suzanne M. Adlof, Daniel Fogerty & Spencer Laing

The Role of Paired Associate Learning in Acquiring Letter-Sound Correspondences: A Longitudinal Study of Children at Family Risk for Dyslexia
Marina Kalashnikova, Denis Burnham & Usha Goswami

Do We ‘Laugh’ or ‘La8gh’? Early Print Knowledge and Its Relation to Learning to Read in English and French
Sheila Cira Chung, Esther Geva, Xi Chen & S. Helene Deacon

What Underlies the Deficit in Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) in Adults with Dyslexia? Evidence from Eye Movements
Susana Araújo, Falk Huettig & Antje S. Meyer

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