Rob Savage - President

Past President
Robert Savage:

Rob Savage is the current SSSR Past President. He is an Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar at McGill University who has published over 85 research articles in international journals on children’s early reading and spelling strategies in typical and atypical development. He is also a school psychologist and classroom teacher by training, interested in making schools effective learning places for all children.  He has undertaken school improvement work as well as other whole–school initiatives. Current research reflects these interests.

1. Research on basic cognitive processes in literacy (current projects explore analogy-use in reading acquisition, the ‘Simple View of Reading’, the nature and role of phonological awareness and rapid naming in acquisition).

2. Preventative early intervention projects for reading and spelling problems using theory-driven preventative interventions: a) with RTI models b) the ABRACADABRA web-based reading intervention.

3. The assessment and support of effective inclusive classroom teaching.

4. The impact of French immersion on literacy and language development.