SSSR Pre-Conference Wednesday 19th July 2023

Pre-conference: Communicating with a range of audiences to enhance research and practice

Organisers: Danielle Colenbrander & Shayne Piasta

Morning Session and Lunch, 9am-1:00pm

The morning session is for PhD students and early career researchers. It will focus on writing for scientific audiences, with particular attention to giving and receiving constructive feedback and responding to journal reviews. Participants will be asked to bring a journal article or thesis chapter they are currently working on, and to make sure they have a copy of the abstract that they are willing to share with other attendees.

The morning session will also cover

  • career pathways for reading researchers
  • how to get the most out of the SSSR conference

This will be followed by lunch with networking opportunities for morning-session participants.

Afternoon Session, 1:00pm-4pm

The afternoon session is open to all SSSR delegates and focuses on communicating research to non-scientific audiences. The session will consist of short talks and discussion panels. We have a stellar line-up of remote and live speakers including:

  • Tiffany Hogan and Jake Downs on podcasts
  • Anne Castles, Pamela Snow and Laura Oldham on social media
  • Tanya Wright, Laura Tortorelli, Megan Dixon and Jessica Colleu Terradas on communicating with practitioners

To attend, please complete the relevant registration survey (both if you intend to attend AM + PM sessions) no later than June 19th: 

Morning session:

Afternoon session:

For the morning session, places will be reserved for ECRs/PhDs.

For the afternoon, places are open to all, but ECRs/PhDs will get priority. If we are oversubscribed, then places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please contact Shayne Piasta  or Danielle Colenbrander with any queries.