Submitting a Paper

How to Submit an Individual Paper or Poster Proposal  

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click one of the yellow buttons: Call for Poster or Spoken Paper
  3. Select “Type” of the paper (Spoken paper or Poster)
  4. Add additional author - "First name, Last name" ONLY 
    • If you have a 3rd author, Click "Add another author" 
    • Repeat if necessary
  5. Add title of the paper (Use APA reference style)
  6. Add the abstract (max = 250 words) containing the following headings:
    • Purpose - concise statement of the specific purposes, questions addressed, and/or hypotheses tested.
    • Method - description of the design, participants, material, and analyses relevant to carrying out the study. For submissions that are not data-based, provide information concerning methods used to collect, summarize, and organize information.
    • Results - summary of the findings directly related to the purpose of the study.
    • Conclusions - statement concerning the relevance and/or implications of the findings.
    • Select upto five key words.